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Leisure West,, Bromwells Lane
Feltham, BS34 5DG
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MAHgLxEYWzweNov 25 2015
I am an hotelier and have reieevcd both negative and positive reviews on the likes of Trip Advisor, however there are 2 problems I see with review platforms. The first is that anyone can go and write an ill review and may never have stayed at your premises at all. Who would do such a thing you might ask? Your competition for one, and with Trip Advisor it seems to be a very simple thing to do without any screening. The kudos that is put on these reviews is the second problem. When you have an hotel with a mixture of good and bad reviews who then do you believe? It becomes a potent cocktail of confusion for the potential customer and in fact the bad reviews maybe just left with someone who has a grudge with you.Fot the owner of an establishment to keep on top of this it requires them to have a response and to try to let people know that if the complaint is genuine they have rectified it and used the complaint in a positive way but if the problem is not genuine how do you rebuff this without looking obstinate or unwilling to accept critism. In a word you can't.I think review sites should find a way to weed out the genuine reviewers from the frauds, how this is done I have no suggestions yet but when you have an open platform for critism it is a very dangerous stage and open to abuse.
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