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Don Pepe
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Don Pepe
The Green, Hampton Court Road
East Molesey, KT8 9BW
Your Reviews
AWPEDNwVZAgSTfczApr 16 2011
I'm impressed! You've managed the alomst impossible.
UnknownMay 12 2008
We took friends for Sunday lunch yesterday and we were very unimpressed. We opted for the buffet tapas, followed by Paella. The buffet was very unimpressive, the foods that should have been hot were luke warm. The paella has got to be the worst that I've ever eaten. It was definitely re-heated from probably the night before. Most of our mussels were closed and therefore we couldnt eat them. The prawns were dried and shrivelled up. We did notice that a lady sitting at the only other occupied table in the restaurant sent her paella back which made us even more nervous. All in all a very disappointing experience and we definitely wont go back.
J.WilcoxNov 5 2007
Went for the first time on Friday night to have Tapas as we love Spain and the restaurant sounded great. Very disappointed. The tapas listed on the website is very extensive and very reasonaly priced. The actual tapas menu in the restaurant is three times the price and limited for choice, and not particularly tasty. The prices for the wine and the food is completely different to what is listed on the website. The other unfortunate thing was that there were only about 14 people there, so the atmosphere was sadly lacking. We won't be in a rush to go back.....
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