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The East India Restaurant
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The East India Restaurant
1 Brighton Road
Surbiton, KT6 5LX
Your Reviews
herringtonDec 10 2013
have been eating at this restaurant for 18years highly recommended.
ODBMuVDrtAug 9 2011
Thanks alot - your anewsr solved all my problems after several days struggling
misbha and adnanAug 25 2009
i would actually pay full price for the food it is delicious and the service is excellent very polite always very smart and kind,they will always ask if everything is ok, the service is very fast i cant think of anything bad to write i go here all the time and they have options for every one from very hot food to mild excellet A++++++
LucyMar 27 2009
Fantastic Indian. Cannot fault it, especially when it's all 50% on take away
GazzaNov 19 2008
This is a well established, shabbily decorated, (same toilet décor as when I first went in 1991 !), dated restaraunt turfing out the bog standard curry dishes you will find in any other bog standard indian restaraunt.
I keep desperately trying to find a good reason not to like the food, and to be fair its nothing special, however every time I go I fail miserably, and actually find the food perfectly reasonable. As I mentioned, there's nothing especially good about it (it is blatently budget), but there's nothing particularly bad either, just reasonable bog standard curry fayre.
So, when it comes down to it, it's the honest low price (50% discount for cash on all items except drinks, and bizzarely anything with king prawns) that makes this an attractive option if you want to pop out for a cheap no-frills curry. You can pick up prawn puri and other starters in the region of 1.50 quid, and mains in the regions of 3 - 4 quid. A huge thali, giving you all the food you could possibly eat is in the region of a mere 6-7 quid.
Last time I went, 3 of us shared: 3 starters, 3 mains, 2 sides, 2 rice, 2 naan, pappadums, and 1 to 1.5 large (660ml) bottles of cobra each. I could not have eaten even a wafer thin mint by the end. The damage ? 15 quid each inc. service.
So frankly you wouldn't be there on mothers day, or on a first date, but for a good honest plate of reasonable curry that is as cheap as chips (and is a proper restaurant curry as opposed to a pub curry) then this is your place.
But if it's quality you're after, forget it, and head down the road to the Red Rose.
Julia&DonatasAug 20 2008
We are visiting this restaurant 3-4time a week in a past 4 years. The food and service in this restaurant exsellent! And believe me it a bargain!
JonJul 27 2008
Two to four of us have been eating here about once a week for at least the past three years. The food has, if possible, got better over the time - even for the person with a 'weak' stomach there have never been any problems. The clientele has, unusually perhaps, been of a very wide racial mix. Wonderful!
Matt DickmanMar 10 2008
I must say that this is nothing short of a quality restaurant. From the toxic looking Korma to my pulsating veins in my chicken. I go for a yearly visit to the east india and enjoy my jokes with uncle festa. Good job lads!!!!!!!!
Dick SpoonerFeb 26 2008
I must also add that I find it hard to believe the ridiculous comments from some people on this review. I have enjoyed the food here so much over the years and even proposed to my girlfriend there (i put the ring in an onion bhaji)
Leave East India alone - i love it!!!
Dick SpoonerFeb 26 2008
I think this is one of the best local Indian Cuisines around. Food is delightful. Would definitely recommend!
JMRFeb 21 2008
I have eaten here many times and ordered takeaways and I have always found it good value for money. I, for one, have NEVER had food poisoning after eating here.
JJFeb 3 2008
I still wonder how the Kingston Council Health Inspectors have not shut this place down. The food is pathetic and i was ill for a long time.
UnknownDec 27 2007
f healeyJul 22 2007
this is one of the best indian restaurant i've been to, the food is to a very high standard and reasonably priced. many family members go there me and my wife travel 10 miles to get there and my dad is proberbly their most hardcore number one fan he travels over 30 miles several times a week. he has a nick name in india.
Mr SponderJun 13 2007
Had my first experience at the East India last night and would highly recommend it to anybody! Food was delicious!
James SmithJun 13 2007
As a white male I feel it is a bit harsh to pass blame on every white person for a small minority that have a lack of respect. I have many Asian friends and would definately take my friend (Raj) there to savour the cuisine.
Stewart TaylorJun 13 2007
Yet again, I thoroughly enjoyed the food, atmosphere an excellent value at the brilliant East India in Surbiton.
mrs sMay 4 2007
i found out about this restaurant from my mum i think its a delightful place to eat good food a decent menu with plenty of choice and a price to match anyones budget heres to eastindia
mrs sMay 4 2007
i found out about this restaurant from my mum i think its a delightful place to eat good food a decent menu with plenty of choice and a price to match anyones budget heres to eastindia
mickeyMay 4 2007
me and my wife have being using east india for a couple of years now we find the food delicious and the service very good i also have never heard any racist comments or shouting abuse commenting on the food and we use this restaurant once a week it has always been a nice and pleasant surroundings with each and every visit
Mark PontonJan 29 2006
I was told about this restaurant by a work colleague.What first drew me to this establishment was the special offer, 'Pay Cash and get your food at half price'.Since then I have found the food very tasty and enjoyable.The portions are excellent. I am now a regular visitor with my immediate family and my sister in law and her family. And taking it further, where I work, we have formed a curry club and every month we visit the restaurant to enjoy the varied cuisine, enjoy each others' company and have a laugh.Our group tend to vary from 8 to 15 members each time we visit. Whenever I can, I recommend The East India to others I meet.
UnknownMay 7 2005
Nabil i have never been in the restaurant and heard people make racist remarks.
Nabil PatelMar 16 2005
As a fellow packistani i found the food very delightful and the service was excellent too. The only drawback is the white people that come in and find it funny to make racist remarks about the way the waiters talk and often shout out obscene remarks about how the food tastes rubbish when they leave!
Antony DinesFeb 28 2005
An excellent and peaceful restaurant with service to match. The food is very well prepared and the atmosphere is great.
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