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Cactus Pit
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Cactus Pit
10-12 Royal Parade
Blackheath, SE3 0TL
Your Reviews
mh0QZjl0Jan 15 2014
HI MALAIKA!I'm one of ur biggest fan maybe in the whole world.i spend hours on the net just srhicaeng u.i would really pleased if get to contact u by any means.plz plz plz reply if possible!!!!! your diehard fan .
zPpALQCAaigxQHdjqApr 16 2011
Great tihknnig! That really breaks the mold!
Errol RichardsonMay 23 2008
This literally the worst meal I've ever been served. I ordered and large steak cook rare. When the steak arrived it was well done a tasted slightly odd. I ate half the steak during which time the strange taste increased. I had assumed the steak was cooked in cheap oil or badly seasoned but when I turned it over the under side was rotten. I called the waitress who took the steak away straight away. About 10min later the chef arrived, smelly and dirty, with the steak which was now miraculously half the size it had been when it was taken. The chef then preceded to tell me I knew nothing about food and when I turned the steak over it was clear that the rotten areas had been cut away. He was rude and aggressive and was unwilling to do any thing for us bar removing that item from the bill. The food and the attitude of the chef ruined what should have been an enjoyable family meal. I also suffered from stomach pains the following day!
lauraMar 10 2006
i looooooooooooooove the chillies!! i had a fabulous time! My arse was on fire in the morning though but it was worth it.
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