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El Pirata
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El Pirata
15-16 Royal Parade
Blackheath, SE3 0TL
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GWMjbvWYyBYWOct 17 2011
Articles like this are an example of quick, helpful anserws.
petDec 10 2008
Unsurprisingly, this restaurant has now closed down
T.GNov 18 2007
Been here a few times, work lunches ect....personally I like the resturant and like the food but I've never eaten tapas before other than at this resturant. I agree though that the service is terrible and they do add and omit to your order and ignore you. I've taken to just writing down the numbers on a napkin and giving it to the waiter/ess and checking the food on arrival. Not good if you're going out for a meal as a couple or family, but it's ok for an office night out or in larger parties. I would never go there on a date!
Matt ParsonsOct 2 2006
The worst meal of my life, 30 (per person) for a couple of small bowls containing luke warm, bland microwaved food. The service was atrocious, with staff ignoring your requests, and then forgetting your order, but made sure that they added extra items to our bill that we never ordered. This has to be the most miserable restaurant in London. Avoid at all costs.
Stephen GaleJul 31 2006
El Pirata (Pirate) is aptly named as you leave feeling completely ripped off. The food is rubbish and microwaved, the restaurant has no Spanish authenticity whatsoever and obviously looks to cater for big and undiscerning "parties". At 14.95 for bottle of Vina Sol and an average of 5 per tapas dish it is a total rip-off - the "dishes" must cost all of 20 pence to compile and shove in a microwave.
Like many restaurants in Blackheath, it works on the basis that they will always attract custom by way of location, but I predict that unless you like eating totally over-priced, microwaved rubbish you won't be heading back again!
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