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2-3 Parvis Road
West Byfleet, KT14 6LP
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AliceJun 17 2013
The food was excellent and the service swift. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and will be coming again!
1Mar 2 2013
1Mar 2 2013
-1'Mar 2 2013
1Mar 2 2013
1Mar 2 2013
1Mar 2 2013
1Nov 2 2012
1Nov 2 2012
-1'Nov 2 2012
1Nov 2 2012
1Nov 2 2012
1Nov 2 2012
Happy CustomerJun 1 2012
Really good food and service.
MTbDKCAcqHApr 30 2012
In my consulting effrots I have repeatedly had to inform our customers that Tripadvisor and review sites are here to stay. It's part of the online world we live in and we need to use it to our advantage.Instead of contesting bad reviews on Tripadvisor one should concentrate on getting more good reviews by really doing a good job and making it known. The 90-9-1 rule applies here more than elsewhere. Only 2 types of people make comments, very happy and very unhappy. Your job is to take the just happy and make them very happy. They'll leave great comments.There will always be unhappy people so trying to stop them is a bad strategy concentrate on the majority and they'll promote your hotel for you.
Vassilis K. FouskasApr 27 2012
Excellent food, friendly service, everybody smiles! I'm now a regular customer. This restaurant makes West Byfleet an even better place to live
zGCBAugzAalddTMPQnDec 24 2011
Too many compliments too litlte space, thanks!
Simon EllisNov 11 2011
The best Indian in the area, good quality ingredients, friendly service and a menu with a few interesting alternatives as well as all " the standard favourites." Highly recommended.
TimJun 26 2011
Best tasting indian food "ever"
always consistent
AdamDec 4 2010
"Excellent flavoursome food"
Highly recommend this place!!!
Thomas.KOct 28 2010
me and my friend had the best time at their resturant! their food was delicious and their service was nice and friendly! it was a lovely day!
EmilyOct 28 2010
I ordered a fine takeaway and recived excellent fast service. I was extremely happy with the price of the food and taste. I am now a regual customer!
MarthaOct 5 2010
Without exception this is one of the best resturants in West Byfleet. The food is excellent and the service is out of this world. You need to try the overall experience for yourself.
susanaOct 5 2010
Had a wonderful birthday party @ the jholpai,delicious food & good service.A excellent local curry house!!!
UnknownSep 27 2010
The best Indian restaurant in woking.excellent food and service.
K.MistryJun 7 2010
Made the sad decision to order from Jholpai, last night. A small order - 1 Rogan lamb, 1 Paneer Jalfraize 1 keema nan & 1 peswari nan. Rogan Lamb = what a joke! about 6 pieces of lamb, one tinned tomato tin - squished together, barely any hint of spice, heated up in a plastic container in a microwave! Paneer Jalfraize - 6 cubes of paneer in cream & spinach & overtly sweetened with sugar - about 1lbs worth from the taste. Same with peswari nan - like eating a bounty bar with loads of sweetened dessicated coconut! Keema nan - raw minced lamb inside!
Needless to say - this place is masquerading as an Indian restaurant but has entirely lost touch with it's roots. Could not tell the difference between a root ginger and a ginger beer!
surreykwJan 11 2010
An excellent Indian restaurant.
Quitely goes about its business serving up tasty quality cuisine consistently. The extensive Sunday buffet is highly recommended - great choice and great value.
JackSep 12 2009
Scrumptious food.....definetly one to keep
Mr & Mrs WatsonFeb 7 2009
We have eaten on weekdays and Sundays for the buffet, excellent service and delicious food always. We regularly have take-aways and are always very pleased.
Rosie McfadzeanJan 28 2009
Rosie McfadzeanJan 28 2009
R MisryApr 10 2007
Lovely food & Fantastic service. Really brilliant. Recomended to everyone A+++
Rosie McFadzeanDec 24 2006
skDec 14 2006
good food and good service.
AdrianNov 20 2005
Undoubtedly one of the best Indian restaurants locally, Jholpai beats anything in the centre of Woking hands down :)
Last time out we had the "Jholpai Green Chicken Massala" and the "Tandoori King Prawn Malai" - both were excellent.
Service is usually good too.
Highly recommended!
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