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21 Molesey Road
Hersham, KT12 4RN
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AlNov 19 2013
I don't know what this 'Steve' (if that is his real name) chap is saying - he comes across as a right tit! Probably bullied at school
What a superb restaurant, arguably the best cuzza i've had in ages. The Lamb Bhuna is 'to die for'
UnknownMar 29 2013
Steve sounds like a right twat. I eat there a fair bit and always get takeaway from Uzzal.
danMar 1 2013
don't listen to steve,blokes a bell end,food is fabulous
ATSUOrvNogGAug 22 2011
Knolwdege wants to be free, just like these articles!
SteveOct 4 2009
very worst restaurant, I ever seen.No hospitality in their service.A person with 45 yrs old is pitch, he is mentaly retarted.may be he's a bastard.
sorry i dont know how to narrate about his worst behaviour.he should be fucked by the management immediately.
i sincerely request the people with self respect and honour should not go to thst restaurant.
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