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La Cabana
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La Cabana
27 Queensway
Bayswater, W2 4QJ
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1Dec 13 2016
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1Nov 15 2016
UnknownOct 11 2011
The biggeset pile of crap ever the staff dnt speak english there is a blonde short piggy waitress who scream orders at the rest of the already drained looking staff, the food was awful i tried to oreder some hotbread to accompany my food only to be given it athe end of my meal asto witch i had the pleasure of watching coacaroches dancing around the counter tops, the chefs or people wearing dirty clothes and smelt bad would bring all thypes of rubbish through the reatraunt and then goand smoke with the waitress and then casualy walk bk through thr restrant DISCUSTING DISCUSTING DISCUSTING.
UnknownJun 3 2011
it´s so awful. dirty toilet, dirty kitchen.
water instead of gin tonic.
waitress had her hair hanging in the food.
london was wonderful, but this was so discusting.
parisaMar 25 2008
Sorry to say this but la cabana is probably has the worst service in the world, the staff hardly speaks english, the food was very late and it was not even worth the wait. I'll never put my foot in that place ever again and take it from someone who loves morrocan food, la cabana is not the place to go to!
soniaFeb 29 2008
beautifull decoration but unfortunetly food and the owner are completly the same i mean not good at all
i will never come back..
janmes masonJan 20 2008
I enjoy the food but service is horrendous,so bad that the waiter did not know what i did i order, a loads of shouting i will never come back
UnknownDec 9 2007
once more at la cabana restaurant where we expected casablanca restaurant and we found to be in a warm plce with all films stars pictures and many more souvenirs of la cabana. the food was super and the service also was exelent. we got a nice surprise by the manager youssef, very friendly [ it was a nice dance by the belly dancer.] well done.
UnknownDec 5 2007
Welcome to the CABANA via CASABLANCA
nice one Youssef its been a pleasure to degusted the food from ur restaurant again
good luck to u
talbiNov 30 2007
we visited la cabana restaurant last week and the food was very nice, highly recomended. the service was good and we will come back again as we have been recomended.
alanNov 29 2007
had a great time the food excelent,the service easy going, but pleasant.
I ll recommand it to friends
UnknownNov 19 2007
After the initial feel of ambience when entering this small restaurant, unfortunately what followed was my worst food experience in London. I was informed 10 minutes after ordering that my and my partner's main course (Sirlion Steak) that we ordered were no longer available, only to be informed minutes later that another mixup meant my starter (Sardines) was no longer available either. It took approx 15 minutes before the bread\olives arrived, accompanied with only one starter! To add insult to laughter, our main courses did arrive mid-starters which were put on the next table to cool off I assume. It was then that we noticed that our Beef Steaks (alternative main courses) sitting across the way looked no more than 3 oz. No kidding, Gordon Ramsey to the rescue.
houssin haboubAug 29 2007
aprés la visite a londre en a essayer la cuisine marocaine a casablanca restaurant c'etait vraimment bonne et l'anbiance etait adorable merci a tous
Maya KaskiniMar 16 2007
I have tried many moroccan restaurants in london and was pleasantly suprised when i found this little gem.The food is excellent and the live music and belly dancing is an added bonus. Highly reccomended
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