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Iran Ma
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Iran Ma
30 Borough Road
The Borough, SE1 0AJ
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FarhadDec 4 2007
I had lunch at Iran e Ma today with another Iranian friend. This restaurant is in a dark and dingy basement. My friend called it a "cave" The decor is a copy of Behesht in Harlesden. Even the menu on their website carries the same English errors and typos of Behesht's website, but the waiter said they are not owned by the same people.
My friend and I ordered "Joojeh Makhsoos", which was Chicken Kebab off the bone, a skewer of Koobideh (minced lamb), basmati rice, grilled tomato and some salad. It was good and tasty and the right quantity of food for the price.
Being across from the South Bank Poly, there were a few students there munching on Burger & Chips and Spaghetti Bolognaise. Now that is the first time I have seen an Iranian restaurant serving what your local cafe serves and it was surprising.
The waiter was a pleasant and nice chap, but had to be reminded to bring our drinks after we had been given our food and had to be reminded to get our bill.
Although we had arrived at 12.45pm, he apologised and said they could not prepare any Iranian bread as the Tanoor (oven) was not on and warm. I can understand that, judging by the burger and chips munchers.
The food was good and tasty at a good price, but there are better Iranian restaurants in London if you are looking for somewhere that looks cleaner and attentive to your needs.
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