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Jun Ming
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Jun Ming
34 Heath Road
Twickenham, TW1 4BZ
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jHSKoPBXOHaEziNfJul 21 2012
Nice Alex nice!Thanks for this video!I like the new thing that you've added in this tutorial and that is:phpif(submit i clkecid)else(present users with the form)phpand that was all in php! so no need for any separate html code as we can embed them all inside echo in php!Thanks and see ya in the next part!
LaylaOct 27 2009
ordered as was very nice ONCE!! just once!!! ordered again and got HAIRS on my chicken balls!!! NO JOKE Not something you would expect with food!!! Having the worse evening anyway as gas boiler has broken so couldnt cook my stew :( awaitin for guy to come fix (can take 4 hours) so yes, thought, well, chinese was nice before, give it another go...BIG MISTAKE never will I ever order from someone again once feeling the DISGUSTED. If was just one HAIR, I would feel disgusted but can appreciate could be one off-its hot and hectic in the kitchen but for there to be quite a few, and on all the balls! DISGRACE
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