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Osteria Pulcinella
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Osteria Pulcinella
36 Church Street
Twickenham, TW1 3NR
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YPv19w6yk1vbJul 17 2013
we took our love of tropical vaiotcans and found a way to get our vaiotcans paid for to boot. now we take over six gloriuos vaiotcans a year to places like Belize, Costa Rica, Hawaii, etc.
erumMar 12 2007
This was my 2nd visit to the restaurant, however this time my experience was not as pleasant. The food, was acceptable, however mediocre, the staff- slow and unresponsive, and the the atmosphere stuffy and restricted.
I personally do not recommend this restaurant if you are sensitive to being treated in a 'different' way because of the colour of your skin.
If you would like details of my experience please feel free to contact me at karma_cola2004@yahoo.co.uk
Eszter B-MitchellFeb 22 2006
We went to this restaurant on a Tuesday night.
The food was quite good; it is always nice to see dishes that are unusual. Unfortunately, the ambience ruined the whole experience. The empty restaurant and the waitresses made us want to leave the restaurant as soon as possible.
When we got to the restaurant, we were shown to a table that was towards the rear of the restaurant. (Since the restaurant was virtually empty I found this strange.) The front area had a more personal feel so we asked to be seated there. Although the three staff had clearly nothing to do, I was surprised that they had not had the time to clean the table that we chose. The table was covered in crumbs and it could have done with a good clean. I was pleased we moved to the front because the Italian waitress and his male admirers were having a small ‘party’ in the rear room. (It would have been awful sitting in the same room with them.)
There were three waitresses on duty that night. One was friendly; the other two were quite rude. Whenever they served the meal they had the 'I am making such an effort by serving you' face displayed. It did not help that one Italian waitress had a party in the restaurant as mentioned above; although, of course, she was supposed to be working. They were noisy, they were shouting in Italian etc. If I were the manager of this restaurant, I would be saying bye to the two awful waitresses.
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