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American Way
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American Way
38 The Broadway
Cheam, SM3 8BD
Your Reviews
Terry TidlerMar 14 2016
Mmmmmn I just love Stevie boy's hot sausage shlong in my fleecy crevice! washed down with some of that wonderful home made creamy dreamy milky sticky licky creamy shake all over my face! Whoa can't wait for my next visit! Much love - TT xx
joeseph osei safour nii amakye sJun 24 2015
Darren did not write that statement it was written by me sorry for wasting your time
Darren Osei OwusuJun 24 2015
I love to eat punani and I also looveee Elisabeth booth
jess poultonJun 24 2015
it was not joe s who wrote that it was me immature jess poulton
Joe SJun 1 2015
The ManagerJan 13 2015
Im not excessively shagging as you put it, im merely fucking your wife. Yep im banging your wife. Haha
The cunt next doorJan 13 2015
Can you stop the excessive shagging, I am trying to sleep! Come on, there is no way you can go more than once in one night...
UnknownOct 20 2014
Most of you that leave comments are extremely immature and bad mouthed. Its to rate the food. You people really need to grow up and get a job or hobby. The food is amazing and I enjoy eating there.
Yannah laffertyOct 15 2014
I came here to get on the fucking lagboat cuz where's the rhino ket suck me fucking right off
Tom salterOct 15 2014
When I arrived at the restaurant they called me Todd instead of Tom which I wasn't too impressed about they asked me about my sex life and when I told them I had sex in Malia they said yeah I bet you did you fucking lifeguard,alright grumpy chops
JOE SMITHOct 15 2014
Alec WilliamsOct 15 2014
I wasn't happy when my chips arrived and they had some kind of salt on them, I asked the waiter what it was an he replied 'Mandy' next thing I know I'm dancing on the tables shouting oiiiiii fuck off #deephouse
Sophie TregenzaOct 15 2014
I just love Steve's foot long sausages in my crack
UnknownOct 15 2014
Hi Sophie T
UnknownOct 15 2014
Fuck Mimi Tang fucking slag
nasimOct 10 2014
i went to the mosk after i had american way and i shit in everyones shoes when they were praying, unlucky for them but the food cleared me right out for the sex i wanted later with there sausages.
UnknownMar 19 2014
What is wrong with some people? This is for reviews of the restaurant and the food, not for what you do with the food, FREAKS
UnknownNov 25 2013
I had diahiar from the food
The food guruOct 28 2013
This is one of the best places to in cheam . Burgers for the kids , fillet steak for dad . 8 of us last week had another great evening . They can't do enough for u .
Which table should stop these stupid reviews on here
Mrs LeeAug 18 2013
My husband and I have been going to this restaurant for the past two years. Last week we went there for the first time since we had our son (who is 4 months old). However, we were not made to feel welcome and were told by one of the (very rude) waitresses that we 'had' to fold up the pram (even though our son was sleeping in it) and were told that we had to sit at the front of the restaurant. We then chose a table to sit at and the same waitress became very annoyed as she stated that she was 'having her break' at the table. In the end, she 'let' us sit there begrudgingly. We decided not to stay and walked out (she didn't even attempt to apologise). Bottom line - DON'T GO THERE IF YOU HAVE YOUNG CHILDREN. We certainly won't be going there again.
SoniaJun 25 2013
Please don't eat at this restaurant unless you want food poisoning. The owner is a fat greasy idiot
aprilApr 24 2013
i love torrons dick in my pussy it feels so nice
BobMar 23 2013
Absolutely crap burgers... Made of horse meat.
Matt quigleyMar 6 2013
Don't call me taran I will cry again and then ram the sausage in my arse while shitting on it then I will eat it Christ it makes me so erect
paige bassettMar 6 2013
i love pissing myself and putting it on the sausage as sauce the deepthroating it mmmmmmm tasty
shaabnaaamMar 6 2013
Fuck Anton !
ross crabtreeMar 6 2013
i love the new smeg burggers they suit my sexulalitty
mr.baileyMar 6 2013
you can stayyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Paige SMMar 6 2013
the sausages in this place are nearly as big as my horses dick, i love taken it in my fat arse and then let them cum on my face
tasha caneMar 6 2013
i really love this place as the cocktail sausages plesure me deeply than jake challis and the burger buns are a really good size to cover my large nips (pecs)
GarethMar 6 2013
my mum loves this place the fat shit she said the sad the sausage up her derrick was too big and made her bleed
Scouser steveMar 6 2013
the fried testecles were well nice
paigeMar 6 2013
im a fat cunt and i love this shit i also ride horses and love there dick in my pussy
Fran BowyerMar 6 2013
The milkshake gave me a jellybelly
Laura MvulaMar 6 2013
dont make the chicken too hot i cried last time
fran bowyerMar 6 2013
my arse is hurting had anal last night from the guy behind the till. was fucking great i want to try it again.
Laura MvulaMar 6 2013
Hey just laura again. id love if they did chicken at this joint man.
miguelMar 6 2013
i want my nan to lick my arse clean from the shits that in had from the sausage
Laura MvulaMar 6 2013
im a fresh african and i love this man. yum.
MAZMar 6 2013
jason palmerMar 6 2013
i came from south africa and wanted to try good food went to american way and had there jumbo sausage. it was fucking shit it was to big for my arse and it started bleeding it was like a black man was giving me anal
coreyMar 5 2013
i still licking the white stuff of my face
UnknownMar 4 2013
i didnt order pubed with my sausage
UnknownFeb 25 2013
the sausages went to my deep throat and got stuck :(
John F.Jan 26 2013
I've been in there this sat morning. The service was great, lovely girls! Maybe they just need to change chips!
AntonJan 19 2013
I have been to AW several times and it is great,
shame some idiots decided to hijack this review board.
joe marshallOct 3 2012
it was fucking shit my arse hurts so much after i had your jumbo sausage now its blding fuck american way!!!
britanyOct 3 2012
miguelOct 3 2012
my mums a paki and sh aid why dont thy have curry was so dissapointd now ive got th shits!!
UnknownOct 2 2012
i heard that with each meal they give you a complimentry chip thats been in steves arse
Mr lewisOct 2 2012
i have ichy balls from the burgers
paulOct 2 2012
i heard the chocolate sauce they put on the ice cream is actaully horse shit
Steves mateOct 2 2012
currently fingering YOUR nan
steveOct 2 2012
hi paul i remember the good days when we used to get right on the sausage in american way ahhhh them days
UnknownOct 1 2012
according to watchdog the chefs use cheese from the foreskin for the cheeseburgers
UnknownOct 1 2012
I love eating out the muff at this resteraunt
UnknownOct 1 2012
i wish i could suck on steves sausage all day like the good days mmmmm yumyyum
PierceOct 1 2012
finally found my squirrel friends :D
STELAOct 1 2012
i dont know ask steve
KamalOct 1 2012
why dont they have curry :((((((((
CoreyOct 1 2012
i love to share my sausage with my brother. my brother nearly choacked on my sausage because i put it far to much into his throate.
UnknownOct 1 2012
wow what a suprise i saw a FAT lady licky licky the food
KAMALOct 1 2012
I love licking my nans punan
GarethOct 1 2012
just found my mum eating all the food . what a surprise
UnknownOct 1 2012
Not much has changed really in last few years, but Steve not the boss anymore i loved sucking the sausage he made.
Food still great.
Oh and the shakes are the same as i remember from my childhood!
Meal for 2 + Drinks 20 good value.
KamalOct 1 2012
my mum started licking my dads moustache because it was full of food
JOE SMITHOct 1 2012
UnknownOct 1 2012
I saw my nan there for the fist time in 20 years thanks soo much! i gave her so much pleasure:)
HarryOct 1 2012
i love it when that sausage gows down my deep throate. i love choacking on it is well
UnknownOct 1 2012
when i went to american way i thought it would be nice to try the sausage, well dont i had extreme diahorea for a month
I loved downing the sausage.
UnknownOct 1 2012
had toe nail clippings in my sandwhich peak.
Matt Davis skeggsOct 1 2012
theres not enough food for me. i need more food!!!!!!!!!!!
kamalOct 1 2012
walked in and found my friend muhammed abro
LaticaOct 1 2012
UnknownOct 1 2012
i loved sucking on the juicy sausages they were so tasty washed down with some nice milk
steveOct 1 2012
i went in there and micheal buble was there i was shocked
muhumed abroOct 1 2012
gay! I cant eat Bacon and you put f*ing bacon in my sandwich,,,, omg!
NickyJul 6 2012
My earliest memory of The American Way was that of being taken there for an ice cream after school (St. Dunstan's) in the early 1970s. There was a new thing - a chocolate sauce that went hard when poured over the ice cream. In the late 1970s through to mid-1980s I used to go there with friends for a burger after the pubs closed (it used to be open later in those days). I left England but return occasionally and always make a point of visiting the American Way. The food is still as great as ever but alas, they no longer serve the "Dream Burger" - a half-pounder with melted philly cheese. I recommend that you go there and stuff your face with good food. You won't be sorry.
C. A ThomsonJun 17 2012
Your Ad. claims that 'The American way' has been under the same ownership for the past 28 years. This is surely not so, since 'Steve,' the previous owner, has long since moved on.
Please explain?
I have been a customer(and a friend of Steve)for more than twenty years and although the food is still very good,unless you can prove otherwise,I believe you claims of continuous ownership to be false. Please prove me wrong.
UnknownMar 18 2012
Not much has changed really in last few years, but Steve not the boss anymore.
Food still great.
Oh and the shakes are the same as i remember from my childhood!
Meal for 2 + Drinks 20 good value.
UnknownSep 3 2011
Love this restraunt all ways come. coming again tomorrow afternoon for lunch:) i always seem to come for my birthday now when i can come very good service and very nice milkshakes:) also lovely chocolate cake (:
UptonsMay 25 2011
This is a lovely little place with good food on a budget. My wife is American (comes from Alabama) and she knows good food. She likes taking us (our daughter and myself) to American Way in Cheam. Since the renovation, the tables and decor is much improved from simple old cafe to a real looking USA ole time diner. The veggie burgers are tasty, my wife says the bacon burgers are yummy, and our daughter loves her kids meals. All for just a little price means one happy family!
Lachlan LaurieDec 3 2008
Not so much a current review, as the last time I went there would have been 1979 - but as an eight year old, I loved the Strawberry Sundaes.
I wonder if they're still on the menu?
ken mitchellApr 14 2008
have been going to this restaurant since it was opened over 20 years ago and the food has been fantastic until a month ago when I noticed the burgers had noticeably shrunk and the price had gone up to a silly amount for a quarter pounder and fries.
I doubt if I will go there again which is a shame.
UnknownDec 11 2007
I like the interior veiw of the resaurant. Nice tables and chairs.
But no customers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fat BlokeDec 11 2007
This is THE restaurant for the serious foody.Excellent steaks with loads of french fries (or a Steve's potato sculpture,you would be surprised to see what Steve can do with a potato !) and salad with a choice of dressing (even the mushrooms are good).A good choice of wine, beer, and water (Sutton & East Surrey). Various sweets and ice cream (yummie). I love apple pie and ice cream (but only if served by Anita). Service is excellent with a touch of jolly banter and entertainment. Of course there is a complete range of burrrrrgers even veggie burrrrrgers (but what's the fun of lettuce leaf in a bun ?)
Daughter of Fat Bloke tells me that Nonsuch Girls used to bunk off for a nosh in The American Way (but not she as she is a good girl).
Customers travel from all over the planet to savour the delights of The American Way. I know of a local Greatgrandfather who takes over half the restaurant with his tribe from Harlow who just love food The American Way.
I am suprised that they have only been in bussiness 28 years as I thought Steve came over with the Romans.
Well what more can one say,pop in for a quick festive turkey burrrrger and brandy butter milk shake. You will not be disapointed.
I just hope I win Anita in the Prize Draw !!!!
I must try booking a table on here some time (no food,just a table).
Now whats today ? I might be in on Tuesday.
Oh yes I forgot to mention seating BS1234 (tested to withstand 2Ton) if you feel realy peckish.
Glenn PhillipsNov 30 2007
A regular eaterie for me, I used to visit as a boy and now my own kids love it. Gets very busy as locals know its a real gem. Good food, good service and fair prices. Sounds straightforward but its easy to get it wrong these days. The A Way gets it right. Highly recommended.
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