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O Galinheiro
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O Galinheiro
414 High Road
Wembley, HA9 6AH
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lycaKWsJRgIvwhNov 22 2012
Ali,That really doesn't fololw. The SCMP does not want their content made available to everyone without paying (which is what you are doing); if they did, they would make it available that way themselves.If a) is true, then you could maybe post the full text of that email (including any copyright attributions). That _might_ be OK but putting something on the web is still different to sending it by email. What if a SCMP subscriber sent themselves every article by email and then set up a free-to-view copy of the SCMP?What you do in b) is clearly fair use, but it's a different situation. If you show the article to someone, you have not given anyone else a _copy_ of the article. Copyright law is all about copying. If you photocopied it and gave it to them (which is a better comparison with what you are doing here), you would be violating copyright.c) is irrelevant. I'm not allowed to give someone else a copied CD of Windows, even if I make sure to tell them it was made by Microsoft.
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