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Just Around the Corner
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Just Around the Corner
446 Finchley Road
Child's Hill, NW2 2HY
Your Reviews
UnknownJun 16 2013
Whats number resturant?
J.STEVE ORELJJan 27 2006
Well,lets be honest,this is the idea
of one of the leading innovators in
catering business in London Mr.Peter Ilic,who at one time was secretly watched by no other but Marco (you guessed it right)Pierre White.Mr Ilic
established the restaurant firmly,and had enormous success-then sold it to
a Greek-Cypriot gentleman who is running it today.
I have eaten there few times in last ten
or so years,and to be honest it is nothing to wright home about-just an average servise and food in interesting surounding,but the atmosphere of Peter
Ilic era with fantastic ability of Dijon
the area manager,who could put you at ease in seconds,reccomend the best meal for you,as weell as good bottle of wine,
was never matched by the new owner,no matter how hard he tried.Some people just have hospitality in their blood,but
I am afraid it isn`t there any more.
However it should be noticed that JATC
offer honest good,fresh meals,and try
to do as best as they could-and that is why I still go there after all this years,and will continue in the future.
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