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Le Bouchon Bordelais
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Le Bouchon Bordelais
5-9 Battersea Rise
Battersea, SW11 1HG
Your Reviews
isuSIESxeoypBYXJul 4 2011
Hey, youÂ’re the goto epxret. Thanks for hanging out here.
WqwWghgUGCIBUApr 16 2011
TYVM you've solved all my prolbmes
UnknownOct 8 2007
Be very wary about this restaurant. Beyond the miserable service and distinctly average food about which I completely concur, the staff seem to have some sort of agenda to inflate bills beyond their already over-priced levels. Not only did they add an extra bottle of wine to our bill, but then they tried to input an inflated total into the credit card reader when I came to pay. Mentioning this to friends over the weekend I was amazed to find that two other couples had had exactly the same experience at the restaurant. If you bother visiting this place - and I heartily recommend you choose one of Clapham's many better quality and better value establishments instead - then check your bill very carefully!
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