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56 Westow Hill
Crystal Palace, SE19 1RX
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Sadie KiernanNov 23 2006
Anyone claiming to know food and failing to be impressed by the ultimately impeccable: SERVICE, MENU, STYLE & AMBIENCE, QUALITY OF INGREDIENTS, SIMPLE YET GLORIOUS PRESENTATION, UNEQUIVOCABLE PERFECTION OF GASTRONOMY IN ITS CATEGORY, VALUE FOR MONEY, WINE LIST, AND OVERALL EXPERIENCE to be gained from a visit to Joanna's, is clearly a philistine. I've eaten at many far fancier and more upmarket/expensive/highly acclaimed restaurants, however for its location and category, I've yet to discover its superior in London. And you'd better believe I'm experienced!
SusanJul 6 2006
Sadly not as good as it was. Last time I went, 2 weeks ago, I was very disappointed to find that my favourite restaurant had gone wrong. What used to be wonderfully matched ingredients had become mismatched. Most poorly, my wish of spaghetti with prawns and lobster sauce was in no way worth more than 2 of the 14 we paid. Mostly it was overcooked spaghetti in a lobster stock, with what - 3? - prawns. It was really poor. I just hope it gets back to normal again. I'll be looking for somewhere else.
LizJul 8 2005
Yes tonight I will be eating out
'AT JOANNA'S' you will hear me shout
The staff are good
The food is great
I always manage to clear my plate
The chef's a star
As is Maitre D
There's nowhere else I'd rather be.
A Friday night with plenty wine
Good atmosphere and feeling fine
My friends with me
The chat is flowing
The amount of wine is clearly showing
It's time to go, it's been such fun
Another lovely evening done.
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