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77 Station Road
Harrow, HA2 7SW
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Dr GuptaDec 31 2014
When we arrived to the restaurant, we immediately felt that there were major discrepancies in price between the menu available on the website and the menus on the table - often a 2 or 3 difference in individual items.
The hospitality was cold and unwelcoming, they seemed indifferent to their customers.
The meal was served within an appropriate time, however the food itself really wasn't worth the price.
The worst part was waiting for the bill for half an hour whilst the serving staff tended to their own dinners in the restaurant.
The bill itself was not broken drown by item and given to us as a total amount, and the overweight owner sat back to his dinner with his back to us so that he didn't have to attend to us. We persisted and asked for a bill that showed us a breakdown, and got angry as they thought we were questioning their prices. He threw our credit card very rudely on the table. When we did eventually receive the itemised bill, we were charged for "inclusive" salads that were meant to be part of the meals. We were also pretty miffed to find that he'd added compulsory 5 service charge which was not stated anywhere on the menu, internet site or at the restaurant.
It should not have been more than 43 and we were charged 53.
It was my husband's birthday, but it was unprofessional, rude, and thoroughly dissatisfying.
I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone.
m.nortonJul 30 2012
Excellent restaurant! We have been going there for over 25 years and the service and food quality has always been of the highest standard. We moved away from the area some time ago but we still return to this place as its the best by far! Thoroughly recommend to anyone.
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Shocked and diagustedOct 23 2011
I ordered a takeaway from this restaurant and was shocked at how rude the man was to me telling me I should pick it up when I queried why after waiting for an hour for my meal it was still not with me. He was so rude on the telephone it was disgusting customer service. I do not recommend anyone to go to this restaurant as they are obviously not interested in providing a polite service and obviously not interested in repeat business
DisgustedFeb 18 2010
I haven't eaten in this restaurant, however I did call for a take away. I was absolutely disgusted with the way the man spoke to me down the phone. He was rude and didn't seem to care about attracting good business. He also tried to charge me nearly 30 for three kebabs. In the end i told him to forget the order and I hung up on him. Do not use this restaurant. There are plenty of other well priced, friendlier and quality services within Harrow.
UnknownOct 24 2005
this restaurant is the best place i have every been. my mother is greek and she makes the nices greek food but sice i went to stavros my mohers food tastes rubish to me. i have been to lots of resturants in the work to resturant in london and Athens but they are not as nice as stavros with there friemdly atomosphere is is the best
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