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Bar 163
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Bar 163
The Old Town Hall,, 9 London Street
Chertsey, KT16 8AP
Your Reviews
pXX89FJP2Dec 5 2016
Mais um indignado19 de junho de 20mn2eal1eRte é um descaso total, este Prefeito está acima da média, é de longe o pior prefeito que passou por esta prefeitura, mas este descaso é apenas uma questão de localização pois se este bairro ficasse ali próximo a praça Botafogo estaria um tapete e todo sinalizado, é o Prefeito dos pobres e carentes do centro.
KATESep 23 2006
Beautifull venue semitastefully decorated and the most unbeleivable waiter service i have ever seen.
The stupid spanish waitress started shouting at us and saying to stop freaking out becaues we pointed out that the chicken pieces in the sald were uncooked during her screming outburst it was claimed that this is how the chicken is cooked in this place.I have no problems with the cheff here. Fine! shit happens but I have a message for the waitress in question `Beef can be served rare, midium rare etc. Fish can be served raw its called a sashimi even lamb can be served pink but chicken can seriously poison or even kill you if its served anything but fully cooked.
How the hell this ediot hasnt poisoned herself yet is beyond me. She then goes into the kitchen area crying and making a scene before returning to the floor and going to every table and talking about her ordeal.
CorrinneAug 16 2006
This is my favourite restaurant. I moved away from Chertsey about 2 months ago and I really miss it. But in the area today so going to eat @ 163 tonight. Can't wait!
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