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CousCous Darna
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CousCous Darna
91 Old Brompton Road
South Kensington, SW7 3LD
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UnknownMar 1 2008
Bring a man with you! 3 women walked in and with did get rudness and not food!
As soon as we walked in we were asked to wait in a vary rude manner. Decided to ignore it, we waited and were placed to ou table. The waiter gave us the menu and asked what we wanted to drink. One of my friend, italian, without having the time to have a look at the menu did ask if they were serving peppermint tea. The waiter with a very arrongant tone replied : ' yes, as it is a Morrocan restaurant, of course, I think we do have mint tea'. He followed by looking at me an my friend and say 'and you?' 'and what do you want to eat?' we ask for more time as we were never given the time to look at the menu and he simply said : 'this is a restaurant here, it is to eat and if you are not happy with this, you can leave. and he opened the door.
The embarrassment as the restaurant was full.
We are 3 professional women who are being treated in an unacceptable manner. I do believe that the reaction was due to the fact that we were 3 women and the waiter clearly judge it acceptable to humilate us for some reasons. Not everybody knows that mint tea is served in all morrocan restaurants.
at the end we went to an Italiian restaurant across the road and we are told that it is not the first time that customers had bad experiences there and end up in the italian restaurant.
Mark ChinnockAug 22 2006
Cous Cous Darna far surpassed all my expectations. A Gorgeous interior with a wonderful attention to detail. The manager & staff were so passionate about the food and service, I will be going again!
Sandra BlakeMar 23 2006
I took my boyfriend to this restaurant for his birthday. On such an occasion I would normally choose a rest I have already been to, but I took a gamble and it paid off.
The atmosphere here is very nice, the rest is beautifully decorated, I felt as thou I had left London and walked into Aladdin's world.
The food was very good and not knowing much about Moroccan food our waiter was patient and kind enough to help us choose.
There was a pretty belly dancer whom my boyfriend kept stealing glances at but even I have to admit she was very good and kept us entertained.
We had a lovely evening and I highly recommend this rest.
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